Funtab Fonetab

null I have this tablet and I need support
How can I buy this tablet
Need curriculum based learning apps for this device
Teacher/School looking for training for use of tablet in classroom
Teacher/School looking for training on personalized learning
I have app for this tablet and I want schools to use my app
I have this tablet but not sure which network option to choose – dongle, 3G or wifi?

Now you don’t need to carry your books anywhere, ‘funtab’ carries your books for you. You can simply make use of the E-Book Reader application on your ‘funtab’ and start reading.


Funtab Fonetab

Operating System            

Android 2.2

Display size              

7.0 inches


2 GB

Adobe Flash              


App Store                                      

Android Market

Battery life              

Up to 6 hours


Rs 6,999

Available in India                       


Link to their main websites    

Click Here


Wi-Fi + 3G

Support phone number              


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