About Us

We believe that learning should be fun and collaborative.

We believe future of learning is going to be Mobile, Social and Interactive. Thanks to Internet we have more content available at our fingertips than we can make sense of. We need smart contexts to accelerate learning. At Versalist our goal is to work with publishers, content owners, teachers and tutors to create smart learning contexts. We add test prep courses, MCQs, supplemental reading material, shared learning channels and performance reports to curriculum based content.

We will be releasing Versalist app for your desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. We are currently in beta, working with select group of teachers, students and publishing partners. Full launch is scheduled in later half of this year.

India’s First Cross-Platform App for Learning
Versalist for Students Versalist for Publishers
Students are adapting faster than schools and parents. With help from touch interface and exposure to gaming apps, students find navigating course content in new tablet medium easy and natural. Versalist is working with select students to fine tune test preparation modules, quizzes and shared learning concepts.

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Versalist partners with the world’s top publishers and content owners and brings their catalog to users who are now enjoying the benefits of tablet based learning.

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