Versalist is a simple and free app for curriculum based learning. For iPad, Android and Ultrabooks!
Students are adapting faster than schools and parents. With help from intuitive touch interface and exposure to gaming apps, students find exploring course content in new tablet medium natural. Versalist app is designed for simplicity and learning effectiveness.
Exciting Features
Large collection of videos MCQs and large collection of questions
Plenty of Exercises Discuss and get your answers
Notes for keeping list of important concepts Bookmark for later reading
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Versalist for Students Versalist for Publishers
Versalist is working with select students to fine tune test preparation modules, quizzes and shared learning concepts. We are looking for students who live on the edge – do you fit the bill?

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With a Versalist partnership, content providers can focus on creating content, and avoid unnecessary software development. We have strong technology experience and we bring unique understanding of tablet based learning practices.

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Thousands of FREE Videos. Adding new video everyday. All videos mapped to course curriculum
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